Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.  I'm having trouble logging into my Koslow account with my usual username and password.

A.  Since we upgraded our website, any accounts set up prior to September 2015 will need to be re-registered.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q. I'm confused. Is your company “Koslow Scientific Company” or “Koslow Scientific Testing Instruments”?

A. Our company was officially incorporated in the state of New Jersey under the name Koslow Scientific Company. In 1966, the paperwork was filed and approved to do business under our brand name, Koslow Scientific Company.  The “Testing” and “Instruments” is only part of our company logo. It helps some of our new customers understand what we do over here.   

Q. The cost that is being quoted to me from the Koslow Scientific Company dealer in my country is higher than the Manufacturer's Suggested Resale Price (MSRP) that I see on your website. Is this correct, and can I buy it cheaper directly from you? 

A. The MSRP price that you see on our website is the suggested price for our standard product. It does not include:

  • Shipping Costs
  • Duties and Custom Charges
  • Additional cost for product customization, such as international power cord sets that may be required to make our product function properly at your location.

We apologize for any confusion caused by our inclusion of MSRP pricing on the website; however our North American customers have been demanding it for some time. Please continue to work with the designated Koslow Scientific International Dealers in your country to facilitate your purchase. 

Q. Are Koslow instruments supported by the manufacturer by a warranty policy and repair service? 

A. Absolutely! Follow this link to learn all the details regarding our Warranty Policy. Give us a call for repair and calibration concerns. 

Q. I want to verify that your product will work for my application before I make a purchase. Is this possible? 

A. The high cost of shipping, tracking, and refurbishing product that has been sent out for 'demos' has resulted in Koslow Scientific Company thinking outside the box in an attempt to make customers comfortable before purchase. We offer a free in-house Test & Evaluation service.

Q. What is an MSDS? 

A. The letters stand for Material Safety Data Sheet. Most manufacturers of raw materials (chemicals, testing solutions, refills, reference solutions, etc.) will have them available upon request. Most companies are calling them Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Q. Can you offer me guidance on what type of kit I should use for my specific application? 

A. Yes, we love to share what we know.  Please give us a call or send us an email.  

Q. Is my credit card information secure on

  • utilizes the highest possible encryption levels for online transactions. Comodo SSL (Secure Socket Layers) security certificates guarantee the highest possible encryption levels for online purchases. Each certificate is signed with NIST recommended 2048 bit signatures and provides up to 256 bit encryption of customer data.
  • By default, the website will go to HTTPS secure SSL pages when the customer selects checkout.
  • Customers can always go to to force the secure environment on any page.
  • Koslow’s website utilizes industry-standard SSL security certificates similar to other eCommerce websites
  • If you still don’t feel secure purchasing through Please call a Koslow sales agent by phone to provide credit card details at (201) 541-9100.

Q. Why should I choose Koslow for my testing equipment?

A. The quality equipment from Koslow Scientific Company® is proudly made in the USA and has proven itself in industrial settings for over 50 years. We offer the most extensive selection of spot test kits and electrodes, the best technical expertise and assistance, and the safest instruments available. We understand and appreciate that you are (sometimes) paying higher upfront costs for these types of instruments. Therefore we work very hard to help you realize all of the great benefits and savings involved with Koslow products.



Q. Where can I find a chart of Alloy compositions?

See our Alloy Composition List

Q. What is the best way to sort stainless steel 316 from 304?

See The Spotter 316 - Stainless Steel 316 Verification Kit (Part No. 1544)

Q. How can I select the best spot kit?

See our Metal Test Kit Selector or view the Alloy Composition List.

Q. Can the Thermo-Electric Alloy Sorter TE-3000 sort all metals?

A. This product can sort many metals, but not all. Please call to speak to a technical support representative to discuss your requirements, or review the right column of the Alloy Composition List.

Q. Do Test Solutions expire?

A. Some Solutions can expire after 11 months. Many test solutions last longer. Either check the label on the bottle for the expiration dates or perform a spot test on a known standard. All Koslow Test Solutions will perform on AISI certified standards under observed conditions with a minimum of 11 months from the date of purchase documented by the KSC invoice date. The expiration date does not guarantee the precise end of a solution's effectiveness. The expiration date is generated automatically, and it is empirically understood that raw chemical strength, ambient temperature, and other conditions may cause fluctuations in a solution's life. Some types of Koslow's Special Test Papers in the kits have an expiration date as well.

Q. How many tests can I perform with my solutions?

A. All Koslow testing solutions are one ounce (30 mL) bottles, which translates to 800 drops of testing solution. Tests require between one to three drops; in a few cases, multiple drops might be needed. See testing procedures to estimate the volume of the solution needed.

Q. Will the Thermo-Electric Alloy Sorter TE-3000 handle high voltage 220-240 VAC? 

A. Yes! All standard Koslow Scientific Company Alloy Sorters are wired for 110-120 VAC and up to 220-240 VAC.

Q. Can I order refill solutions for my kit?

A. Yes, you can order individually as you need them.

Q. Is it time to throw out my old Metal Testing Kit? 

A. Almost every product built by Koslow Scientific Company Instruments incorporates a modular design, making it relatively simple to perform routine repairs such as replacing tips and cord replacement. To assist you in discovering the root cause of a non-functioning product, some of our kits have a Trouble Shooting Guide.  However, the very nature of metal testing applications and their storage environment will dictate that proper preventative maintenance should be regularly performed on our instruments. If this fails to occur, a simple repair could become quite extensive. We offer excellent Repair Service.


Q. Which Koslow kit is best for my needs?

See our Passivation Test Kit Chart

Q. Do I need to reorder a whole kit when my solutions are low?

A. No. All solutions can be purchased individually as refills.


Tapered 12 Reference Electrodes

Q. Which Koslow Electrodes are best for my needs?

See our Electrode Comparison Chart.

Q.  How do I change the porous tips of a reference electrode?

Demo Video for changing porous tips:

Demo Video for changing porous plugs:

 Q.  Should I be concerned about working with mercury?

See our mercury safety information page.

Q. Can you fabricate other types of electrodes (not found on your site)?

A. We love to fabricate your custom electrode designs, so you don't have to. Make a sketch, and we will provide a formal quote. Our glass gaffer, Gary, is the best. 

 Custom Probes

 Q. How can I learn more about electrochemistry and reference electrodes?

A. Check this out!