About Koslow Scientific

Wolf KoslowDonna KoslowFounded in 1966 by Dr. Ralf H. Koslow, Koslow Scientific Company has always been a family business. Koslow Scientific's mission is to provide affordable, easy-to-use, reliable, scientifically proven testing kits for all kinds of industry. Koslow kits result from research and testing performed in our state-of-the-art laboratories located in Englewood, New Jersey. Through the successful combination of analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, and metallurgy, Koslow Scientific has developed a broad line of kits for rapid field identification of alloys. With a specialization in the verification of stainless steels and common steel, Koslow Scientific Company is a globally recognized source of innovative quality control. Metal testers, passivation test kits, and analytical test probes provide repeatable testing results for identifying and verifying industrial and laboratory materials.

Used in:

  • quality control departments
  • pharmaceutical plants
  • chemical bulk tankers
  • aircraft maintenance
  • corrosion testing labs
  • incoming inspection
  • material storage
  • scrap yards
  • fabrication shops
  • machine shops
  • welding areas 

Five of the top ten global food companies, three of the top three jet engine manufacturers, and many other mission-critical industries depend on Koslow to perform their operations smoothly and reliably. We leverage our experience, technology, and resources to provide electrochemical products of the highest quality. Koslow guarantees timely service, backed by a responsive and knowledgeable customer support staff.

Our Founder: Dr. Ralf Koslow

Dr. Ralf H. Koslow, the founder of Koslow Scientific Company,  was born in Berlin, Germany, and immigrated to New York City in 1939. He attended NYC public schools and was drafted into service during the Korean War, serving in the US Army Signal Corps. He later received his Ph.D. in electrochemistry from New York University. Learning through his military experience, he discovered the need for new methods to identify and sort alloys using electrochemical applications. His vision and dedication to product integrity brought KSC its worldwide renown and impeccable reputation. He remained active in KSC until his retirement in 2007. His son, Wolf Koslow, has followed in his footsteps, retaining the KSC vision for the 21st century.