The Electrospot Method

The ElectroSpot Method

The ElectroSpot Method is the heart of Koslow's chemical spot test kits.  Even though we offer six different ElectroSpot models, they all operate on the same principle.  Using chemistry and electricity to first extract or deplate a small amount of alloy from the metal's surface. The dissolved material reacts with the treated paper resulting in the development of a characteristic, generally vivid color. In addition to the speed and simplicity of the procedure, the Koslow ElectroSpot test is reproducible and can therefore be used to estimate the amount of a particular alloying element present in a sample.

Pictured below is the Model Two.  It simple demonstrates the steps. 

  • Moisten test paper
  • Electrospot - passing current through the metal and testing paper strips
  • Add solution to the paper
  • Observe color development