Low Carbon Test Strips (0800)

Low Carbon Test Strips (0800)

Koslow Scientific Company
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For use with the Spotter 316 and the Alloy Scout Kit.

The 0800 Low Carbon Strips act as a layer between the test metal and the cartridge.

Note: This is the only Koslow test that is a destructive method!   High heat is required! Please see the instructions for details.

The color reaction takes place on the test paper. The paper also prevents the sensitive instrument tip from getting contaminated with residue sometimes found on metal surfaces. Test strips have a shelf life of at least 5 months from the time of purchase.

Packaged inside a handy acrylic case.

150 pieces will yield 300 tests per box; two tests per strip.

For industrial use only. Review the 1544 or 1545 manual before use.