Skinny Size Porous Plastic Disks (5087)

Skinny Size Porous Plastic Disks (5087)

Koslow Scientific
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For use on "skinny" 5 mm electrode bodies

Electro-Porous Plastic Disks


Replacement/ Refill pack of tips for Koslow Reference Electrodes.


    • Electrode Junctions/Frits

    • Fluid Diffusion Barrier

    • Electro-analytical

    • Battery Studies

    • Spectral Investigations

    • Package of 5 plastic disks and 5 Teflon sleeves

    • Disk diameter: 4.8 MM  length: 3.1 MM

    • Appearance: disks; white 

    • heat shrinkable Teflon sleeves; clear

    • Electrical Impedance: in Sat KCL: 300 Ohms