Passi-Tester Stainless Steel Passivation Tester (2026)
Passi-Tester Stainless Steel Passivation Tester (2026)
Passi-Tester Stainless Steel Passivation Tester (2026)
Passi-Tester Stainless Steel Passivation Tester (2026)

Passi-Tester Stainless Steel Passivation Tester (2026)

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Across many industries, folks are worried about their stainless steel parts and equipment showing signs of wear or corrosion. Most people don’t even realize that stainless steel can corrode. Nasty-looking discoloration on essential processing equipment can lead to contamination and diminished surface appearance. We are all shooting for the highest quality for our customers. Luckily, the Passi-Tester 2026 can alert you before you run into problems. Discoloration can be prevented by performing regular Passi-Tests as part of your routine maintenance of critical components. Use this kit in combination with ASTM-approved passivation bath procedures. No need to bring in an army of surface treatment experts or send your parts to an outside lab. Use the Passi-Tester to get quick and reliable results in your facility.

The Passi-Tester and the Passi-Flash 3036 are both approved by the ASME BPE.


-Check passivation of all grades of stainless steel
-Monitor passivation bath and procedure
-Detect lost passivation in service
-Corrosion troubleshooting
-Satisfy your contract requirements
-ASME BPE approved


-Fast and easy to use
-A portable kit
-Non-destructive passivation testing
-Easy-to-read digital display
-Certificate of Calibration - traceable to NIST

Economy Passivation Test Kit

Say goodbye to the old-fashioned and inconvenient copper sulfate, ferroxyl, and salt spray tests. This kit is much better than the Feroxyl and Copper Sulfate tests.

The electronic Passi-Tester 2026 is a rapid response method for verifying stainless steel parts and equipment. The 2026 is a portable, lightweight instrument for measuring the corrosion tendency of stainless steel surfaces. Through a galvanic process, it detects surface-free iron, which can lead to discoloration and corrosion. These free iron particles may arise due to cutting, mechanical use, grinding, or chemical contamination of stainless steel parts.

The Passi-Tester Kit lets you know if…

-The surface is passive. It has been through an approved passivation bath.

-Free iron particles are present on the surface. This surface is Non-Passive.

-The surface is without a passive oxide layer. This surface is Non-Passive.

A typical test only takes 1 second and is simple enough for anyone to use. This kit can be used for metal parts of any size, including tanks, tubing, valves, and more.

For each test, the digital meter displays a value showing whether the part is in a passive or non-passive range. The Passi-Tester can be used with all chromium-containing stainless steels, such as 304 and 316, and precipitation-hardened steels, like 17-4, 15-5, and 17-7. A passive stainless steel standard is included in the kit.

The ASME BPE 2014 and the Federal Spec QQ-P-35C approved this surface corrosion potential measurement as a valid method for checking the passivation of stainless steel parts and equipment. Use this kit with complete confidence.

Check out the Passi-Flash 3036 for the latest passivation test kit.

Part No. 2026

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