Stainless Steel Passi-Coupon

Stainless Steel Passi-Coupon

Koslow Scientific
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Part No. PS 304

The Passivation Coupon is a daily qualification for use with Passivation Testers.

    • Treated in a nitric acid bath as stated in the ASTM. A 380-88 Standard practice for cleaning and descaling stainless steel parts, equipment, and systems.
    • Clean of surface free iron, to be used as a comparison surface
    • Passive chrome oxide film sample
    • To be used daily before the evaluation of lesser-known stainless steel parts and tanks.
    • Stored in a black jewelry pouch
    • Embossed with stainless steel alloy type, part number, and trace number
    • Required equipment for passivation calibration services
    • Size:  (25 x 25 x 1mm) One inch square

  • Comes standard with the Passi-Flash 3036 Stainless Steel Passivation Test Kit